Psychotherapy 45-min Sessions $125

Hypnotherapy 90-min Session $240

Group Psychotherapy 90-min Session $45


You will be redirected to umbrellacollective.org to make a payment.


Payments for services are due in advance of or at the time of session.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) & Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

All services qualify for FSA and HSA payments.

Private Insurance

Currently I am "in-network" with Value Options insurance only. If you have an insurance plan that has an "out-of-network" benefit, I would be able to provide monthly invoices to support you in getting reimbursed for services. Please just let me know that you would like invoices and I will add you to my monthly billings to be sent out. 

Colorado Medicaid and Reduced Fee Sessions

I accept Colorado Medicaid insurance to ensure my services are accessible. If you do not have Colorado Medicaid and are unable to afford the cost of sessions, you will need to discuss this directly with me as soon as possible. With proof of income and open communication with me, it may be possible to provide you a reduced rate.